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spOILed on DVD

$19.99 (+$3.00 S/H)

52 Minute Version – Released August 1, 2013


Full 90 Minute Version

No longer Available

Screening License Fees

Any group showing of “spOILed” requires the purchase of a screening license from “spOILed, LLC”. These fees are required but not limited to screenings for company employees or members of private, non-profit or civic organizations.

A license will be granted upon the purchase of a DVD and a fee paid to spOILed llc. at $5 per person per showing.

For audiences more than 60 people please contact WestWave films directly at (505) 797-6678.

Movie Poster – $25.00 +shipping

Signed Movie Poster – $45.00 +shipping

Signed by Producer/Director Mark Mathis

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