Just Because You Believe in the Mission!

With your help spOILed can create a grassroots movement to wake up our leaders. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Without radical changes to energy policies we will not be able to avert truly catastrophic consequences. It is vital that millions of people see this movie. That’s where you come in.

Some companies, non-profit groups, civic organizations and even individuals can help us bring spOILed to their community (“sponsor a screening”). If that’s impractical for you, please make a direct contribution by filling out the form below. We guarantee that every hard-earned dollar you give us will go directly to bringing this important film to as many audiences as we can.

To make your contribution to spOILed:

Through PayPal: click here – Off the HOME tab, click on Send Money and fill out the form. Use info@spoiledthemovie.com to send the donation.

By check: click here and send us an email with your contact information

If you’d like to contribute and host a screening in your town or organization: please fill out this form

This is not a tax-deductible donation, which makes your contribution even more meaningful. spOILed is a no-nonsense film looking for no-nonsense support.

For your important donation, you will receive:

An “atta boy!” (or atta girl!)

Good Karma for the rest of the week!

A big Thank you!

A really big Thank You!

You’re on the wrong page – please contact us here

3 Responses to “Just Because You Believe in the Mission!”

  1. susie neely says:

    mark, i am so proud of your documentary. as we all know–if you are passionate, you can do the impossible. i applaud your efforts and your commitment to the foreseeable crisis. thank you for NOT putting your head in the sand. susie neely, farmington.

  2. Frank Smith says:

    Mark -
    I have a M.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering and just saw your movie at Santa Maria Pacific. I’ve ordered 4 copies to start showing it to people I know. I’m going to let my CEO, Tim Marquez, know about it in the morning as well as let Kevin McCarthy, House majority whip and my congressman, know about it.

  3. Shelly says:

    Blew me away!
    Thank you for having the courage to show us what we need to hear and see!
    God bless you

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