Are you spOILed?

  • Do you use a computer or cell phone?
  • Do you enjoy air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter?
  • Do you enjoy eating bananas, pineapples, pears, cherries and mangos throughout the year?
  • Is there paint on your walls?
  • Do you have walls?
  • Do you have indoor plumbing, a refrigerator and an oven?
  • Do you cook your food with anything other than wood or dung?
  • Do you sleep on a mattress?
  • Have you ever taken any medications or visited a doctor or dentist?
  • Have you visited other states or nations?
  • Do you drive a car?
  • Do you watch TV go to movies, play video games or read books?
  • Do any of your clothes come from other nations?
  • Have you ever had the time to ponder the meaning of life?
  • Do you earn enough money so that you can enjoy weekends or take vacations?
  • Do you support the research and development of non-fossil fuel energy sources?
  • Do you want a cleaner planet?
  • If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then you fall into the “spoiled” category. Every aspect of the activities and desires mentioned above are directly connected to the production and use of oil. There are billions of people who would LOVE to be able to say yes to all of the questions above, but they can’t because their daily reality is different than yours.

5 Responses to “Are you spOILed?”

  1. Paolo Marani says:

    YES, that’s because we have to PRESERVE this scarce and not renewable resource, so our children may have a chance to take advantage of all this goodnes too.

    I cant believe common people can’t understand this plain truth, and still live on desire of forthcoming SUV or latest mobile phone.

    Wake up, peak oil is at the corner, life may potentially change in a way that what you think today will be aknowledges as “the age of stupid”.

    Paolo Marani
    Italian Engineer

    • ab0032 says:

      The solution is there, we have abundant clean and safe energy, there is enough uranium for 1 billion years at todays consumption, with breading for 100 billion years. If that is not enough, we can take thorium. And I am pretty sure that we will have fusion long before the next millenia is over.

      But of course rationality doesnt count today, nobody cares for facts, nobody looks at deaths per tera watt produced, otherwise they would know that hydro is the second deadliest energy form right after liquid gas, way ahead of coal and oil. Nuclear has less deaths than Solar-PV or Wind. But who cares, who wants to know?

      The problem is not the SUV, the next mobile, if I let the warm water run, while I brush my teeth, or if I have the heating on and the window open at the same time, that does not harm the environment, if I use nuclear power.

      The worst harm is done by so called biofuels, like ethanol or diesel from palmoil, for which rainforrest is cleared by fires. Starves millions of people by increased food prices and destroys biodiversity. The worst damage is done by the ignorance of the greens, by their quasi religious believes that are all wrong and never subject to a validation.

      What would happen to the economy, if the US didnt have to import those 17 or 20 mil barrel a day, if we build thousands of nuclear power plants and entered the nuclear age which is bound to come anyway, sooner or later? What if hundreds of billions of dollars would be chopped of the trade deficit year for year, if this oil would not be imported? That would give the economy a real boost like putting if on the after burner.

      So maybe your right, I would say the era of irrationality and emotionality.

      • Dan says:

        In regards to ab0032 who posted on nuclear energy, there is another twist on what is required for this form of energy. In very simple terms, two large thermal “pools” are needed to create this form of energy. The ultra hot rods used in a fision reaction require massive amounts of water to cool these rods. What it comes down to is that we do not have the amount of water needed to create an effective thermal pool to operate nuclear on a scale that would be required to overcome our oil usage. Overall, we will have to create change on all fronts to overcome our energy hungy lifestyles.

  2. I watched the movie last night. I have been following Peak Oil as a topic for nearly five years. As we watch prices continue to creep up in a nice straight line, I am certain that the demand/supply curve is just as tight as a rubber band twisted a thousand times over.
    What I don’t understand is whether Mark’s point about the idea that we should poke more holes into the ground would somehow fix the peak, or perhaps merely adjust it just a tad bit. Clearly that oil can be drilled at any time. So whether we start it today or fifty years from now, it will be tapped.
    I did consider the movie to be a little too nice to oil companies, (not just the Big Oil) many of whom destroyed native populations around the world, given despots billions of dollars for access, and wrecked ecosystems. So it was a bit too cozy there, but once again, the movie was not about OIL COMPANIES.

    What will we replace oil with??? That is a great question. There is no answer to it, and there is no solution on the horizon, much less in the wings or on deck.

    So, will we solve the problem? Heck, will we recognize the problem? Not until the economy stumbles on for another five years, and oil is at $160/bbl. It is already fifteen years too late for us to recover. In five years, it will be twenty years too late. Maybe we will open up some of that drilling, but it will be absorbed on the world market, and we will be trying to stop the open chest wound from bleeding with a band-aid. The decline is here, it isn’t in the future. It occurred in 2005.

    Richard, Texas

  3. George says:

    Having worked in an oil refinery in California I have seen regulations that have threatened to put us out of business. It’s a shame that something that does so much for the country is hated by so many that do not understand what goes into making gasoline for their car. Not to mention all the rail and shipping that brings us daily supply of food and goods.
    This movie is a “reality check” I think all of America should watch it. Maybe 10% of the population might change their view on “big oil” but I am afraid that there is so much hate towards oil and gasoline production that most people would not get the message.
    Great Movie

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