America is addicted to oil. President George Bush said so… and now that phrase is echoed everywhere. But are we really “addicted”?

Our daily lives are dripping in oil. It’s in virtually everything we use and fuels everything we do. To be sure, it is something to worry about. Are we going to run out? Aren’t we fighting wars for oil? But, if we do slow the flow, how will that change the way we live?

When it comes to what we’re told about oil, there’s rhetoric and then there’s reality. Who can we believe? The media? Politicians? Environmental activists? You’d be surprised.

For nearly ten years, journalist turned media analyst MARK MATHIS has studied our use of oil. And what he found shocked him so thoroughly that he made a movie about the misinformation, distortions and even outright lies about oil.

We do have an “oil problem” in America (and the world), but it’s not what you’ve been told. So, it’s time to Fill Up on Truth… for a change.

Updated 52-Minute spOILed Now on Sale!

Sometimes our “problems” turn out to be gifts. That’s the case with the 52-Minute spOILed. We wanted to have a broadcast-length version available long ago, but the success of spOILed caused us to keep putting it off. That delay was of great benefit to us as the extra time helped to clarify where to make the cuts and what new material to add—most notably the impact of shale oil production in the United States. The updated spOILed is being marketed to international broadcasters and we believe a shorter version will be much better suited to an educational format. For more information click here.

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